2021 sponsors

This year we have amazing sponsors who are coming onboard to support OCR Stars and the athletes of our sport.


Hunter's Academy of Strength is a training company that helps athletes around the world reach their greatest potential.

HAOS will be designing all of the event workouts for OCR Stars season 2. They are one of our Title Sponsors.

If you're interested in training with them use code: OCRSTARS for 75% off your first month of training.


BLDR is a supplement company made by athletes for athletes. What you put in your body is what will take you the extra mile. BLDR is meant to help you out work the competition rep after rep, race after race.

They will join us this year as title sponsor. Stay tuned for more information about their awesome product giveaways and more!

Athletic Brewing Co

We love Athletic Brewing! This will be their second year of support and we are so excited for them to join us as an Event Sponsor. Look for more information about which event they will help us host and tasty giveaways they have in store.

Battle Bunker

Battle Bunker an awesome company doing awesome things! They are a YouTube series about Military-Style Training grounds in Southern CA. They will be joining the team as Event Sponsor. Learn more about Battle Bunker and all the cool things they do by clicking the link below.


Strong Coffee created the world’s premier on-the-go coffee drink mix, revolutionizing the coffee and supplement game. We love their product and so will you. They will be joining the team as an Event Sponsor, so be on the lookout for product giveaways and more!

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OCR Stars is looking to create the best partnerships in the industry by changing the game of event partnerships. We go above and beyond to provide the greatest experience of support that the sponsors want and deserve while also giving the athletes a true opportunity of experiencing the brands we work with.

Types of sponsorship...

Our series has a title sponsor, workouts sponsors and events sponsors. Each level has different forms of engagement and unique approaches to each partnership to help you reach what your company’s needs. With the highest level of media support and brand awareness we are able to truly highlight the product and values of each of the brands we work with.


Season 1 Sponsors

We had an incredible line up of sponsors in 2020. Thank you for all your support!